Pregnancy Possibilities

    • Pregnancy testing
    • Serum pregnancy test referral
    • One-on-one Pregnancy Lessons (see below for help in preparing for childbirth)


 If you choose to parent your child, we can continue assisting you in many ways with your family needs.  To learn more, please visit our Parenting Program OR Contact Us directly.

Learn about your pregnancy:

We offer lessons designed to help you through a healthy pregnancy, labor & delivery. The lessons listed here take place in one-on-one sessions with your Life-Way support counselor. 

The First Trimester

Prenatal Care


Going It Alone

Your Developing Baby



What’s Safe, What Isn’t

Bonding with your Unborn Baby

Your Changing Body


 The Second Trimester

Reducing the Risk of SIDS

Amazing Talents of your Baby

Your Baby’s Secret World

The Third Trimester

Getting Ready for Baby

Caring for Yourself

Breastfeeding  Basics

Stages of Labor